Ozlo is an open index of knowledge about the real world.

Conversations that Convert

The easiest questions to answer are often the least profitable. Stop handing off your more lucrative queries.

A fundamentally better model.

Ozlo is the first index to offer probabilistic assertions of truth alongside accepted facts.

A more fulfilling conversation.

Ozlo’s platform allows intelligent systems of all kinds to have more meaningful conversations with users.

Our Index

Our index is production-ready today and can be accessed through APIs priced by volume.

  • Data

    Understand the world with over 2B entities and attributes. Extract more meaning from your data.

  • Intent

    Recognize and fulfill user intent. Map intent to structured facts and concepts.

  • Converse

    Anticipate your users’ likely next steps; deliver options that keep them engaged.

Rich data about the real world and its complex relationships.

  1. Search API: Disambiguate across multiple concepts.
  2. Search API: Constrain searches to a given context. For example, location, time of day, session context.
  3. Similarity API: Receive related concepts and similarity arcs.
  4. Search API: Retrieve a rich set of metadata about a thing, complete with evidence and associated confidence.

A world class intelligent interface platform.

  1. Build a digital assistant for your audience.
  2. Recognize API: map user inquiry, along with any context, to a structured user intent with our intent classifier.
  3. Receive a linguistic breakdown of what the user said.
  4. Fulfill API: Route your user intent to the proper Task Execution engine based on context and dialogue history.
  5. Customize the terseness of the response.

A set of APIs that let you continue the conversation.

  1. Determine whether to ask clarifying questions or disambiguate.
  2. Manage the Conversation.
  3. Build a products that anticipates the user’s next move.
  4. Suggest API: Receive a set of next questions that the user is likely to ask next.

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Our Team

We are a team of 30 creative technologists with world-class expertise in computational linguistics, machine learning, data science, search and relevance, and infrastructure.

We hail from top tier companies such as Amazon A9, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Evernote, and Yahoo!

Our Investors

  • Greylock Partners
  • Battery Ventures
  • Amino Capital
  • AME Cloud Ventures

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